Sam Flegal

Sam’s been a freelance Illustrator since 2009. Working for both book covers and hobby games, he specializes in painting strange scenes of epic fantasy and graphic horror. His art is described as “stylized realism,” portraying fantastical things in a graphic manner, but with an eye towards real life. He loves to focus on exaggerated expressions, vibrant colors, and villainess activity. Sam’s preferred medium is oil paint.

Sam Flegal’s clients include AEG, Fantasy Flight, Hero Games, 3Some Games, Lone Wander, & Eagle Games. He’s worked on titles like Warhammer 40K, Legend of the Five Rings, and Fantasy Hero Complete. Sam won 1st place in the Gen Con 2014 Art Show, Best 2D in the 2014 Liberty Con Art Show, the Jordan Con 2014 Judges’ Choice Award, and the Gen Con 2012 Juror’s CHoice Award. His work was included in the fantastic art collection, Infected by Art Volume 2, and has been chosen for inclusion in the upcoming Infected by Art Volume 3.

Sam also has a deep love for Norse Mythology. In his personal work Sam depicts scenes from the lore of the Northmen. His reputation as a Norse Myth enthusiast is increasing and collectors have begun to seek him out for his interpretations of the Northern Gods.

Michael Bielaczyc

Michael Bielaczyc has been working professionally in the art field since 2001 when he founded Aradani Studios with his brother Paul. Together they have exhibited America selling both their artwork and costuming. While Michael has worked for such popular role-playing franchises as Dragonlance and Castlemourn, his real passion is for his personal work. He works in mediums from oil paint to latex prosthetics, video to graphite.

Paul Bielaczyc

Aradani Studios focuses on two unique aspects; fantastical artwork and fantastical costuming. The brothers are both deeply involved with the creation of art and the production of prosthetics. While Paul has been drawing and sketching for as long as he can remember, he wouldn’t be an artist today if it weren’t for his brother’s dream. Paul’s work has been featured in such popular gaming properties and publications as DragonLance, Apex Digest, White Wolf, Masters of Fantasy Vol 3, and Margaret Weis Productions. Paul has won numerous awards from small conventions over the years, as well as “Best Monochrome Unpublished” for his piece “Nightmare” in 2005 and “Best Action” with Masters of Fantasy.

Mitch Foust

Mitch Foust is an illustrator from Memphis, TN. He has completed illustrations for many projects including comic books, book covers, t-shirts, role playing games, and art books. He has a great love of the fantasy genre, along with art and history. Foust describes his work as realistic fantasy. He enjoys rendering different textures and details in his work. Since 2001, he has worked digitally, creating his own unique look to his fantasy paintings. His work can be found online at:

Melissa Gay

Evil Hat’s The Dresden Files RPG and FATE Crime World, Pelgrane Press’s The Dracula Dossier, the ENnie Award nominated Dreamhounds of Paris, and Soldiers of Pen and Ink, as well as a bunch of KWAS supplements, MWP’s Firefly RPG supplement “Freedom Flyer,” Third Eye Games’ ENnie Award nominated Camp Myth and Infestation, FATE Core Part-Time Gods, The Algernon Files NPC superheroes sourcebooks by Blackwyrm Press, Accessible Games’ Psi-Punk and its supplements, , the Dungeon World supplement “Plague of Storms,” Sagaborn’s The Elves of Uteria and its supplements, Dead Gentlemen’s Demon Hunters RPG, Cosm Games’ Crucible RPG.

Mat Kaminski

Matt Kaminski is a recent graduate with a BFA in Design Arts with a focus in Illustration from Memphis College of Art. Currently traversing the digi-scape via tablet OR toiling away in the mines of charcoal, he spends his time creating as much fan art and originals as possible. Mat lives in Memphis and has been known to serial rant from time to time about games, movies, and art, but mostly the latter.

Kaoru Fujimori

Kaoru Fujimori is a novice leather worker, an avid reader of fiction, and a general geek who lives in the Memphis area. He dabbles in all things from top hats to armor.


Aidana WillowRaven, tradigital artist (hybrid artist who combines traditional training and techniques with digital tools and applications) and mother of three, trained in Fine Art, Studio Design, and Animation at NSU and ODU. WillowRaven works with traditional publishers, as well as, independent authors. In addition to her freelance business, she is also the Art Director and VP of Operations at 4RV Publishing.

Working in most genres, from picture books to novels, she has illustrated and/or designed over 500 books and ebooks through her company, WillowRaven Illustration & Design Plus, in Memphis, Tennessee.