Tim Romine

Tim has been the prop master, an occasional performer (Eddie, Dr. Scott, Columbia, Janet), and jack-of-all-trades for the Memphis “Rocky Horror Picture Show” shadowcast, “Absent Friends”, since September, 2010. Although his primary contributions are prop/set construction and stage management, his periodic surprise appearances as “The Gimp”, Jason Voorhees, Michael Meyers, and other odd characters add one more touch of randomness and comic relief to an already outrageous theatrical spectacle.

Terri Weaver

Terri Weaver is a theater tech and cosplayer who also occasionally acts. She is skilled at designing sets and finding or creating props on a budget. A self taught artist she has been costuming local shows for the last three years. For the last two years she’s been working with local female impersonator, Bella DuBalle, the current reigning Miss Gay Tennessee America creating various props and costume pieces including the Cloak and Staff for Bella’s Maleficent talent number at MGA 2015.

Janet S. Planets

Janet is a burlesque performer, blogger, and cosplayer born and raised in Memphis but currently based in Durham, North Carolina. She regularly performs with Nerdvana and the Discordia Dames and is a proud member of the FanDames Initiative, a body positive ladies’ cosplay group.
She also blogs about her various interests on her blog–Janet’s Planet–on WordPress.

Shane Hutchison

Shane Dog sat down at his first Mid-South con begrudgingly. Didn’t want to be there but his then pregnant wife said if he wanted to spend their anniversary together he would have to show. Next thing you know a storm trooper and Darth Vader sat on either side of him at the bar and there was no turning back. He now uses his music and tinkering talents for the good of all costuming and prop making within the genres of fantasy, steampunk, and all things pirate.

Ryann Mazur

Ryann Mazur, known as @Angel_of_Azarath on Instagram, has been cosplaying at local Memphis conventions for nearly four years. With an extensive knowledge of Teen Titans, between the shows to the comic series, she specializes in recreating Raven’s costumes from the Teen Titans television shows and comic books. She also works part-time writing, starring, and directing cosplay/live-action superhero videos for her YouTube channel, DarkRavenFire, which has over two-thousand followers and over a million views.

Mazelle Attiya

Mazelle Attiya has always been interested in sewing. She learned to sew at the young age of 10 with Barbie clothes and by high school was making the costumes for the school plays. In 1987 she joined the Society For Creative Anachronism, Inc (SCA, Inc) and quickly moved up the ranks in the field of historical costuming. In 1999 she was inducted into the Order of the Laurel which is the SCA’s highest level of expertise in the Arts and Sciences for her beautiful Elizabethan clothing and hat making skills. Between 1996 through 2005, Mazelle had her own custom sewing business in Memphis, catering to bridal parties, pageant, dance competition and Civil War re-enactors. During this same time period she also worked in the Wardrobe department for Opera Memphis. She went back to college and now has an MBA in Accounting so she can work to support her hobby of making costume for herself not only for the SCA but also for Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions. Over the years she has won and judged numerous competitions at Costume Con, ShadowCon and MidSouthCon. Mazelle was the Costuming Guest of Honor at ShadowCon in 2011, 2012, 2013. She currently lives in Memphis, TN where her skills in sewing have now reached out to cosplay outfits for dolls too.

Kelly LaPlante

Born and raised in Massachusetts, moved to Tennessee with her family in 1996, Kelly has worked off and on as a free lance photographer. In June 2011, while attending Austin Peay State University she took part in the first, for credit, Steampunk sculpture class, where she discovered her talent for jewelry design. Her steampunk , as well as her wire and natural stone jewelry have been featured in the Tennessee Art League Gallery in Nashville, TN. three times over the last two years. She is currently working on putting together her own sculpture show. With her Mother and business partner, she created Gemini Dream Designs, one of a kind and custom jewelry and costuming all in one place.

Kelli Smith

Kelli Smith may be young but she has hit the ground running in the world of cosplay. Experienced in the use of Worbla, Wonderflex, and craft foam she loves to create Anime and Video Game style costuming. When not working on her own cosplay she readily helps others round out their fantasies.

Katie Ostrand

Katie is a mother of 4 living in Southaven, Ms. She has spent the last few years working with Keith Wood and honing her cosplay skills and learning/teaching others how to cosplay on a budget. The past 2 years she has focused on the Song of Ice and Fire series and it’s popular TV show the Game of Thrones on HBO. Spending many man hours researching and studying the History, the subtle nuances and the difference in translation between the books and the show as well as Authors concepts and character history and dynamics. This will be her first discussion on the topic and her first time at MidsouthCon as a guest panelist.