Wayne Camp

Wayne has been a Mid South Con regular for 20 years, and is happy to be involved every year. He is a co-founder of lostgamers productions, and co-creator of the very popular Debate of the DEAD (which is now an exclusive event at Mid South Con). He is also the Lead Announcer for New Breed Pro Wrestling, a professional wrestling promotion in Humboldt, Tennessee. Wayne also has an extensive knowledge of genre movies and television (especially Game Shows), which he puts to use as a member of the CineMasoCast (a regular feature on Geek Tank Radio).

Patrick Chipman

Patrick Chipman is a fixture in the role-playing community in Memphis, having been the storyteller behind several MidSouthCon Vampire: the Masquerade LARPs and the acclaimed Memphis LARP, The Golden Age. He’s been role-playing for over 20 years, both online and offline, is co-author of the Memphis-made RPGs Rumours and Kronos, and taught game design for 2 years at the University of Memphis. Right now, he’s the mechanics guru for the LARP, Riverside Opera, tech lead for the Hydaelyn Roleplayers Coalition, and is working on several game systems in his spare time.

JP Chapleau

French Canadian father of 3. Avid role player since 1984. Since 2000, he has been writing role-playing material for events around the world.
He is the owner of First Ones Entertainment and run the Legacies Organized Play campaign. JP wrote over forty adventure for Wizards of the Coast, ten books for LPJ Design’s NeoExodus campaign setting, won Chaosium’s adventure contest, written and ran adventures in four countries (Canada, France, Ireland, and the USA.
His other interests include history and miniature wargaming.

Ernest McCracken

Professor of Computer Science at the University of Memphis, Application Architect for IBM, and organizer of the Memphis Game Developers Group. I help organize a group of developers and artists in creating video games. We help new artists and developers learn how to get into indie game development here in Memphis, TN. Several studios have been formed out of our group including Iced Vision, Digital Precept, DynamiLux, and Frozen Rat Studios.

Amy Banker

Amy Banker has been a presence in Memphis roleplaying for many years. She has a wide variety of gaming experience including table-top, live action, and online roleplaying. Amy has also been a play tester for several game systems and co-author on Kronos: Obsidian Wings, a locally produced game. Currently she is a Narrator for Riverside Opera, a local live action game. Amy is an Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences at Southwest Tennessee Community College. In her spare time, she enjoys painting gaming miniatures and keeping current on new scientific discoveries.

Adrienne Ezell

Adrienne owns and is a designer for Dreadful Games, a board game company currently in the process of playtesting, polishing, and publishing three original games.

Dreadful Games is the fruition of years of “what if”, “maybe”, and “someday.” Started by a husband and wife team, DG draws from nearly two decades of printing, graphic art, and design experience.