Theresa “TJ” Morris

Founder ACO/ACE Folklife is Theresa J Morris, Radio Show Host, Author-Speaker, Entrepreneur – ACE Folklife Historian – Book Author & Promoter for her ACO UFO Authors Club.
Era Cop Times News created by Theresa J Morris for her friends in cyberspace. Theresa is an author, entrepreneur and parapsychologist. Parapsychology is the branch of psychology that deals with the investigation of purportedly psychic phenomena, as clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, telepathy, and the like. TJ is a psychic medium who shares Consciousness & Soul. Love is the main ingredients as essence and energy of who and what we are as self. TJ is a Tarot Reader Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor. TJ is also an agent, consultant, and organizer and owns a small business in the USA. Theresa J Thurmond Morris, TheresaJ Morris shortened her name as a brand to TJ Morris. Born Theresa Janette Thurmond, Monroe, Louisiana, USA, December 26, 1951 married, had four daughters all born in Texas. Became a private investigator, legal investigator, then worked for DOD, DON and GS status for US government. Studied arson, fraud, subrogation, personnel information security, and obtained security certificates before graduating U.S. Naval Hospital Corps School. Became interested in psychology, metaphysics, theology, neuroscience in 1980s and moved to Hawaii. Became a President CEO of a corporation and developed a line of clothing, handbags, small leather goods, shoes, and stationary items in cuercus suber oak as eco fashion 1990-1994. Founded the first Ascension Center and Psychic Network 1989 -1994. Transferred to Fort Hood, Killeen, TX where she met her husband Thomas R Morris, and US Army-Retired. Drove commercial semi 18 wheeler truck over the road all 48 lower states before becoming an author and blogger 2004-2014. Became an UFOlogist 2007 writing for UFO Digest. Author of Books 2007-2014 include Roswell Encounters, Roswell Connection, Taken Up, Enchanted Development, Theresa of Ascension, Knowing Cosmology, ACO Alien Contact Organization. TJ became a Radio Host June 3, 2012 as TJ Morris ET Radio and Cosmos Connection and has panel discussions and inter views authors. TJ is a motivational speaker in paranormal and spiritual communities with ET UFO, OBE, NDE, Dreams, and conscious experience shares. TJ has had many experiences with energy as a receiver of information as a keeper of the flame and became an archivist with her first book as Theresa Keeper of the Flame kept inside the book Ascension Ancient Mystery schools Psychic Awakening Classes which she is caretaker of the only copy as her gremremgremoire to be passed down to her four daughters.. . Ascension Ancient Mysteries shares as ACE Metaphysical Institute and Ascension Center Energetics for ACO and ACE as a joint venture in cyberspace culture sharing a universal world view with TJ Morris at the helm as Commander for radio shows as TJ Morris ET.
Theresa of Ascension – Ascension Ancient Mystery Schools – Psychic Awakening Classes & Oher things for 2012 & Beyond – The Ascension Age – Magic times of the Mind. Soul Essence Consciousness and Neuro Science. Parapsychology has been part of a book of practicing communities online since TJ began sharing the Ascension Center in 1993. TJ knew what she needed to share communication to the world. It was important to share a new world view. This was known as the Ascension Age, Aquarian Age, and Golden Age of Communication & Cosmology.

Steve Bradshaw

Steve is a suspense/thriller author drawing upon his life experiences as a forensic investigator and biotechnology entrepreneur. BA from the University of Texas and trained at the Institute of Forensic Sciences, Steve investigated over 3,000 unexplained deaths for the Medical Examiner’s Office and then joined FORTUNE 500 medical companies to advance healthcare worldwide. As the founder-president/CEO of Active Implants Corporation, Steve raised $25 million and led the development of a minimal-invasive artificial meniscus implant. Today he places his readers on the front row in the fascinating worlds of biomedical breakthroughs, chilling forensics, and the pursuit of real monsters.

Pat Fitzhugh

Paranormal author and film personality Pat Fitzhugh is best known for his roles in productions such as Cursed (A&E), Night Visitors (TLC), Liars & Legends (Turner South), An American Haunting (Lionsgate), and Most Terrifying Places in America 2 (Travel Channel). He is also known for his books about the legends and lore of the American South.

Fitzhugh‘s written works include, “The Bell Witch Haunting,” “Our Family Trouble,” “Weird U.S.,” “Ghostly Cries From Dixie,” and “The Bell Witch: The Full Account.” In 2013, he penned the foreword to Lori Crane’s “The Legend of Stuckey’s Bridge,” an Amazon bestseller.

An avid paranormal adventurer, Fitzhugh has explored and investigated some of America’s most haunted places. He conducts more than thirty paranormal investigations each year.

Kevin L. Williams

Kevin L. Williams’ interest in the paranormal has been with him since childhood, waking to shadow people around his bed as a child and extending through today’s experiences and research in Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana. While enthusiastic about the paranormal, Kevin reserves that designation until all physical explanations have been exhausted. Kevin is currently an investigator and tech manager of the paranormal group MidSouth Paranormal Society and Memphis regional TAPS family member.
While very serious about his paranormal research, he approaches it with a twist of fun as would be expected of someone who is also a life-long cartoonist and puppeteer who is professionally trained by Muppet performers. Kevin’s lead character, Muley the Mule, has appeared in all forms of print media along with his editing credits for writers and graphic novels, such as Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa. Muley has also appeared on radio, live theater, festivals, conventions, and most recently (to much acclaim) in two television specials, “The Muley and Friends Show, Millionaire Magazines” and “Easter Eggheads”

Kevin Cain

Writing since the ripe old age of eight, author and paranormal investigator Kevin Cain has published stories and poetry in various magazines. Inspired by the Jeffrey series written by Alabama author Kathryn Tucker Windham, as well as growing up in a haunted house of his own, Kevin took a keen interest in the paranormal at an early age. He recently published a book “The Legends Of Indian Narrows” which collects the ghost stories he grew up listening to in his old neighborhood that was built over native American burial ground in the western part of Jefferson County as well as his own experiences in the home he lived in. In the past few years, Kevin has practically turned his current home into a museum of haunted items ranging from dolls (the bulk of his collection) to paintings and tools. His most notable item, a porcelain doll haunted by a lovely little girl named Patty, was the subject of his newest novel “Patty Doll”. His most recent book “My Haunted Collection” tells th e story of what got him into haunted collecting and the stories behind the most popular items in his collection. Kevin’s other published books include “Thanksgiving Hen On A Chicken Shed: Stories My Grandmother Told Me” and the novel “Haunts”.

Kalila Smith

International Psychic/Medium, Kalila Smith was born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana. She is the author of New Orleans Ghosts, Voodoo, & Vampires, Tales From The French Quarter, Miami’s Dark Tales, Searching for Spirits: The Ultimate Guide for Ghost Hunters, and Afterlife Mysteries Revealed. She has been featured on and worked behind the scenes on television productions on Travel Channel, Discovery, A&E, Sci Fi, BBC, History Channel, and PBS. She teaches paranormal studies at University of New Orleans, Delgado College New Orleans, and The Metaphysical Research Center in New Orleans.Kalila works in both locally and in the United Kingdom.

Josh Plock

Josh Plock was able to turn his passion for comics, horror, and science fiction into something constructive…for the most part. His research & writing about the genre has been presented in an academic setting at Columbus State University. Josh has brought his love of all things geeky to various venues, including his current role as a Staff Writer at the House of Geekery.


Emily (Omma) Fulghum is an art historian with a love of all things historical and engaging. These have been a cornerstone in her life’s journey as a Pagan. Emily reads tarot and gives readings at fundraising events and conventions , along with doing readings out of her business, The Broom Closet. Emily is an initiated Wiccan Priestess with The Fellowship of Avalon, and loves to share her knowledge of all things tarot and divination related, hearth magick, chakras, herbs and gemstones by teaching classes, workshops, and leading panel discussions. Emily and The Broom Closet can be found in Memphis, TN.