Herika R Raymer

Herika R. Raymer grew up consuming books – first by eating them, later by reading them. Her mother taught her the value of focus and hard work while her father encouraged her love literature and art; so she has been writing and doodling off and on for over 30 years. After much encouragement, Mrs. Raymer finally published several short stories and has developed a taste for it. She continues to send submissions, sometimes with success, and currently has a collection of stories in the works. She was the Assistant Editor for a science fiction magazine and Lead Editor for a horror magazine. A participant of the voluntary writer/artist/musician cooperative known as Imagicopter, Herika R. Raymer lives in West TN, USA and is married with two children and a dog.

Her website is at: herikarraymer.webs.com

Wes Yahola

A Memphian who grew up reading comics, fantasy, and science fiction, while developing a troubling interest in radio that led to a love of music and expanded the genres he read, Wes finally wrote a book combining his love of fantasy and thrillers. The result has been the well received book, “The Artifice Conspiracy”.

He’s also been know to play games from time to time to time, and in the early, heady days of the d20 open license, wrote a set of super-hero rpg rules that actually made money, and a D&D setting that didn’t. He’s now a super fan of Fluxx, and laments no one (including him) has time for Axis & Allies any more.

Now a producer and co-host on the “Drake in the Morning” show on WXMX, 98.1 FM, Wes gets to share his general weirdness with the listening audience at large. And does.

Walt Boyes

By day, Walt Boyes is the not-so-mild-mannered former chief editor of a technical magazine called Control, publisher of the Industrial Automation INSIDER, and a partner in a high-technology consulting firm, Spitzer and Boyes LLC. Ah, but by night, he transforms into the Bananaslug of Baen’s Bar, and begins to write. Walt has written 10 non-fiction books, articles and columns too numerous to count (Bananaslugs have very few fingers anyway) and has published several fiction pieces, including six short stories in the 1632 Universe and some children’s stories. Walt was recently published in Dogs and Dragons, edited by his wonderful wife, Joy Ward. Walt is currently working on two non-fiction books, and a novel (of course — doesn’t every writer have one stashed somewhere?). Walt is currently the Editor of the Grantville Gazette, co-manager of “Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press” and was Associate Editor and Marketing Director for Jim Baen’s Universe magazine. Walt is a member of the Editorial Board of the Grantville Gazette, and is an active member of SFWA.

Victor D. Lorthos

Victor D. Lorthos was born in the American South in 1969 to a fine family. He was raised by wolves in the deepest, darkest parts of the South but mostly grew up in Mississippi. Over the years he’s done and been many things, from a simple feral wolf-person to a public access television producer. Somehow he found time to write award winning short stories amidst all the chaos of life, and so here we are.

Victor’s collected writings can now be found in “Zombie Strippers and Other Strange Words,” which is an apt description of a life if anything ever was.

He describes himself as “a drinker with a writing problem.”

He also has cats though, so he’s got that going for him.

Tyrone Tony Reed Jr.

Inspired as a child by Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent, a go-getter reporter at The Daily Planet, Tyrone Tony Reed Jr.’s writing career began in his teen years.

He was a Teen Panelist for The Commercial Appeal, in Memphis, Tenn., for two years and a reporter for The Teen Appeal newspaper, also in Memphis, for three years.

While earning his journalism degree at Franklin College in Franklin, Ind., Tyrone held several positions on the college’s newspaper, The Franklin.

Tyrone also worked as a crime reporter for four years at The Jackson Sun in Jackson, TN.

Now a freelance writer, Tyrone is the creator/author of the superhero series, “S.O.L.A.D.™: Soldiers of Light Against Darkness™” and is currently writing the third and fourth novels in the S.O.L.A.D.™ series.

Tommy Hancock

Steeped in pulp magazines, old radio shows, and all things of that era’s pop culture, Tommy Hancock lives in Arkansas with his wonderful wife and three children and obviously not enough to do. He is Partner in and Editor in Chief for Pro Se Productions, is an organizer of the New Pulp Movement, works as an editor for Seven Realms, Dark Oak, and Moonstone. He is also an award winning writer for various companies, including Airship 27, Mechanoid Press, Pulpwork Press, Dark Oak, and Moonstone. Tommy works as Project Coordinator for Moonstone as well as produces and hosts two podcasts-PULPED! THE OFFICIAL NEW PULP PODCAST and PRO SE PRESENTS: THE PODCAST. He is also the man behind GUMSHOE RESEARCH CONSULTANTS, a company providing research services to writers of all types.

Tommy B. Smith

Tommy B. Smith is a writer of dark fiction and the author of Poisonous and Pieces of Chaos. His work has appeared in numerous publications over the years to include Every Day Fiction, Night to Dawn, Black Petals, Blood Moon Rising, and a variety of other magazines and anthologies. He has previously worked with Morpheus Tales as editor of the magazine’s Dark Sorcery and Urban Horror special issues. His presence infests Fort Smith, Arkansas, where he resides with his wife and cats.

More information can be found on his website at http://www.tommybsmith.com.

S.C. Houff

S.C. Houff is a life time resident of Southwest Virginia. She is the child of a revolutionary and a part time TV quiz master. She’s been lying from an early age creating stories. It was only reciently that she found out that telling entertaining stories could be profitable. She is the “genius” behind From the Files of the Department of the Arcane.

S.C. Houff holds a degree in history and is currently working on a Masters in American History. When she isn’t doing those things, she’s a sometimes blogger, occasional photographer and full time nerd.

Sela Carsen

Sela Carsen was born into a traveling family, then married a military man to continue her gypsy lifestyle. With her husband of 20 years, their two teens, her mother, the dog, and the cat, she’s finally (temporarily) settled in the Midwest. Between bouts of packing and unpacking, she writes paranormal romances, with or without dead bodies. Your pick.

Sean Grigsby

Traditionally-published author Sean Grigsby has been working in the shadows since 2008. His work has appeared in many print anthologies, as well as a popular creepypasta on YouTube. He is a writer for Grimdark Magazine and former associate editor for Dark Recesses Magazine. Sean calls Memphis, TN his hometown and is a proud graduate of Germantown High School. He now lives in central Arkansas where he is a professional firefighter/EMT and battles his wife and toddler for writing time. He is working on his fourth novel.