Over the years, in addition to our main purpose of education, MidSouthCon has done its best to help out other charitable organizations.  Over the years we have promoted awareness, and donated over $65,000 to other worthy causes.  We have to thank our attendees and all the people who donated their time and energy for making all of this possible.

The following are some to the organizations with which we are currently involved.

A fusion of two prominent community organizations, Literacy Mid-South originally combined the individual, direct service of the Memphis Literacy Council with the citywide campaigns and community resources of Mid-South Reads. Using these initial goals as building blocks, the organization expanded to be the hub of literacy in the Mid-South by providing resources and training to organizations, schools, churches, community groups, and individuals. Programs are structured to combat the lack of educational resources throughout Memphis both at the individual and community level. In the few short years since its inauguration, Literacy Mid-South has become the core collaborator for literacy and education in the Memphis community.

Science Fiction Writers of America Emergency Medical Fund
The Science Fiction Writers of America Emergency Medical Fund was established to provide financial assistance to professional SF/F writers who have suffered reverses because of medical emergencies, such as incurred by MSC 9’s posthumous Guest of Honor, Robert Adams. At MSC 9, we held a benefit auction for the family of Robert Adams to help defray medical costs after a long bout with lymphatic cancer. Since that time, the SFWA Fund was officially established. Pamela Crippen Adams suggested that any items not sold at MSC 9’s auction be used to benefit the SFWA Emergency Fund. Since then, we have continued to contribute toward this effort via the auction of special items during the Art Auction.

SFWA uses the Emergency Medical Fund to help members when they find themselves in dire medical straits and insurance turns out not to be enough. It is sad that we live in a world where such problems come to be, but it is made a little easier by the support of science fiction and fantasy fans such as our attendees, who have helped us raise more than $15,000 over the last decade. For more information, go to