The Con Suite is open 24 hours a day starting 3pm Friday, and closing 2pm Sunday (except for 5am to 6am cleanings). MidSouthCon is known for having a great Con Suite, and in addition to the normal sodas, beers, and munchies, we toss in some more substantial fare. The Con Suite is a great place to quench your thirst, have some munchies, and schmooze with other fen. (Note: you must be 21 or older to order alcoholic beverages, and they may not be taken outside the Con Suite.)

For more information about the Con Suite, please e-mail us at

Take part in the Great Con Suite Giveaway which gives you a chance to win books and other prizes (some autographed by our guests), and also gives you access to premium beverages. Joining the Giveaway will only cost you $8.00, and the proceeds benefit our charities.