Dealer Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vender at MidSouthCon 35.

Please Note: Due to the high demand for vendor space, MidSouthCon uses an application format to select our venders. Potential venders should fill out the form below to apply for a space or spaces in our Dealer's room. Filling out this form does NOT guarantee space. We will review all of the applications and select venders from this list.

 As always, we welcome your suggestions and look forward to your feedback. Feel free to e-mail us at with any comment or sugggestions.


Rate Info:

Item   Cost  
1st Table (includes 1 membership)   $125
Each Additional Table (up to 2 extra)   $90
Additional Memberships (4 max)   $35
Additional Child Memberships   $18

If your application is accepted, this form will count as your primary convention registration. If you have selected additional memberships, you will be provided a link to the Additional Dealer Membership form. One form for EACH additional membership will need to be filled out.