MidSouthCon Gaming
Over half the people who attend MidSouthCon, among the variety of things there are to do, play games.  This makes MidSouthCon the area’s largest gaming convention. At MSC 35, gamers played about 100 RPGs, 800 board games, multiple LARPS and social games, plus miniatures, CCGs and video games. Here are the gaming highlights for MidSouthCon 35:

As it gets closer to MidSouthCon 35, we will be making specific announcements via Facebook at our Facebook Gaming Page.  Please follow us there.

Note: If you are interested in running games at MidSouthCon, Check out our Running Games Page

This year we have numerous board game tournaments and special events, including several hosted by Double Exposure Inc.  For more information about the tournaments and prizes see our Tournament Page

Pathfinder Society and other Living Games
You can pre-register for the Pathfinder Society and the other Living Role Playing Games run by FORGE. You will be able to pre-register for these on the Warhorn website.  A link will be posted here when the schedule goes live.

Gamer’s Raffle
We will give out over a thousand dollars worth of prizes in our Gamers Raffle! Every scheduled game you sign up for and every library game you check out gives you a chance to win an awesome prize. Our Gamer’s Raffle runs all weekend in scheduled flights, between some of the game sessions listed below, featuring a wide variety of games and gear with something for every gamer.

The Play-to-Win!
Play a game and get a chance to win it! Last year we will had over 75 Play-to-Win games. We expect to have an even better selection this time around.

Board Games
Our board games lending library offers more than a hundred games for you to play throughout the weekend. Plus, in addition to the tournaments and Pandemic Survival events, there will be numerous scheduled board games for you to enjoy as well.

Role Playing Games
In the past, Game Masters have signed up to run such games as  5E Dungeon & Dragons, D&D 3.5, Castles and Crusades, Pathfinder, Paranoia, SagaBorn, Champions 5th ed., Feng Shui, Cyberpunk 2020, Better Angels, Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition, Fate Accelerated, Savage Worlds, 7th Sea, Blood of Heros, Pugmire, etc.  Featured games include those by our Guests of Honor.

Calling all planeswalkers! In addition to our usual booster draft and sealed deck events, we are also featuring legacy and pauper cube drafts.

From galactic battles to small unit tactics, MidSouthCon has seen a lot of different scenarios played out.  We have previously had Star Wars Miniatures, Bolt Action, Frostgrave, Battletech, Ogre Designer’s Edition, Guild Ball, HEROCLIX, and more!

Each year we have had various LARPS (Live Action Role Play) run over the weekend, including one large Vampire the Masquerade event Saturday night.  This year’s VtM game is being hosted by Riverside Opera.  For more information on how to get involved with this game, check out their Facebook Community Page.

Social Gaming
Throughout the weekend, we’ll be running convention favorites like Are You A Werewolf? (now with prizes) and Two Rooms and A Boom, along with the ever popular Debate of the Dead and, for the adults, Cards Against Humanity.

Video Gaming
The video game room has a variety of digital games. Come check out old favorites along with new and popular games and make new friends as you challenge each other with your best moves. Events include several video game tournaments with prizes, as well as open play.

Gaming Panels
Don’t forget all of our panels! Some of the highlights of the past few Cons have included topics concerning the gaming industry, world building techniques, how to build good characters, discussions on villains.

Still Want More?
There will also be opportunities to meet our Gaming Guest of Honor, Keith Baker, throughout the weekend.  Beat the Geeks is a popular geek trivial challenge event of the past few years.  Sometimes you’ll find new and different gaming events as well.  These have included giant dice games, CCGs tournaments and events, especially in the Magic The Gathering sphere of games, Killer Cutthroat Spades, the ARTEMIS Bridge Simulator, among others.

Gaming Hours
Gaming rooms are open the entire weekend beginning 2pm on Friday and closing at 6pm on Sunday. Scheduled games will run in nine sessions, listed below:

• Session 1 (Friday 2:00pm)
• Session 2 (Friday 7:00pm)
• Session 3 (Friday 11:30pm)
• Session 4 (Saturday 9:00am)
• Session 5 (Saturday 2:00pm)
• Session 6 (Saturday 7:00pm)
• Session 7 (Saturday 11:30pm)
• Session 8 (Sunday 9:00am)
• Session 9 (Sunday 1:30pm)

Not all games fit neatly into four hour blocks, so check out the schedule when it becomes available to see when your favorite games will begin.  Once available it will be posted here.

Contact Us
As always, if you still have questions or need to contact us, you can do so by emailing the game staff at