MidSouthCon Gaming
About half the people who attend MidSouthCon come to play games, making it the area’s largest gaming convention. At MSC 33 gamers played nearly a 100 RPGs, 800 Board Games, multiple LARPS and social games, plus miniatures, CCGs and video games.

We are still planning the details for MidSouthCon 34, but here are some highlights.

GiveAways: Gamers Raffle & Play to Win
Once again we will have our gamers raffle, where the more you play, the better your chances to earn cool stuff There are also play to win board games in which just playing means a chance to take the game home with you.

Board Games
We have will have over 70 scheduled board game and open play from our vast Board Game Library (with hundreds of games for players to choose from). There will be several tournaments were you can win medals and prizes. We are also planning to run another Pandemic Survival event.

Role Playing Games
Beside staples like Pathfinder Society games, we alway have a large selection of other systems being at MidSouthCon. Last con the games included: Aces & Eights, Adventure Forge, Atomic Robo, Bards, Blood of Heroes, Castles and Crusades, Call of Cthulhu, Deadlands, D&D Next, Doctor Who, Dungeon World, D&D 4th ed, Everyone is John,Fate Accelerated and Core, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Warhammer 40k, numerous home-brews, and more!

Magic the Gathering
This year instead of just having booster and sealed deck events, we are adding a cube draft into the mix. (details will be coming soon)

You can expect Bolt Action, HeroClix, Savage World: Showdown, and much more!

We will have multiple LARPs including Vampire the Masquerade. In previous years, a gambit of games have run from live action Call of Cthulhu to The Dresden Files to Mortalus.

Social Gaming
Throughout the weekend, there is also a large selection of social games being run. We regularly have Are You A Werewolf? We also run Debate of the Dead, Two Rooms & A Boom, and for the adults, Cards Against Humanity.

Video Gaming
The video game room has a variety of games itself. Come check out old favorites along with new and popular games here. Make new friends as you challenge each other with your best moves. There are several video game tournaments to compete in as well as open play.

Gaming Hours.
The main gaming rooms are open the entire weekend beginning 2pm on Friday and closing at 6pm on Sunday. The main start times for scheduled game are:

• Session 1 (Friday 2:00pm)
• Session 2 (Friday 7:00pm)
• Session 3 (Friday 11:30pm)
• Session 4 (Saturday 9:00am)
• Session 5 (Saturday 2:00pm)
• Session 6 (Saturday 7:00pm)
• Session 7 (Saturday 11:30pm)
• Session 8 (Sunday 9:00am)
• Session 9 (Sunday 2:00pm)

Not all games fit neatly into thees 4 hour sessions, so check out the schedule when it becomes available to see when your favorite games will begin.

As it gets closer to MidSouthCon 34, we will be making announcement via Facebook at

Still want more? Don’t forget all of our Gaming Panels. Some of the highlights of the past few Cons have included topics concerning the gaming industry, world building techniques, how to build good characters, discussions on villains, just to name a few. There are also opportunities to meet our Gaming Guest of Honor, Grant Wilson, throughout the weekend.