Game Submissions

Game Submission Instructions:

Please read these Instructions then fill out the form below:

Name: Enter your full name used to register as a GM.

E-mail: Enter your e-mail address - again, same as you used to register as GM.

Title of the adventure/session: Board and card games should list the name of the game. RPGs should list the name of the adventure (a good title will garner more interest). CCGs and miniatures should list the game name and variant/title (e.g., Magic the Gathering Booster Draft, Warhammer 40K Mega-Battle, Heroclix Tournament, etc.)

Type of Game: Choose the appropriate category for your your game.

Game System Used: List the game system (and edition if appropriate). Note: this is for exact information like "Cosmic Encounter: Mayfair Edition" not generalities like "Area Control" which belong in the game description box below.

Time Needed for game: Pick the maximum time you need to complete your game.

Minimum Number of Players: Enter the minimum number of players you need to run the game.

Maximum Number of Players: Enter the maximum number of players that can join in the game.

Materials Needed: Choose the appropriate item

Player Experience: Most games at the con should be Beginners Welcome, but we will accept some other choices for special circumstances.

Game attitude: Select the attitude of your game/session

Age Restrictions:

Youth (12 and under) Only: Special events meant for younger players.

Suitable for All Ages: If a person can understand and play the game they are welcome.

Teen (13 or older): The games contains some material that might be inappropriate for younger players.

Adult (Must be 18 or older): The games contains material that is inappropriate for players who are not yet of legal age.

Preferred Time Slot (all three): Pick the times you would like to run this particular game. RPGs should start at the beginning of sessions. Other games, like board and card games have more options but should never cross over the beginning of a session (unless they are longer then the standard sessions).

Short plot synopsis or game description: Enter the adventure or game description here. Note: There is a maximum of 800 characters.

Other Information (max 500 characters): Information for the gaming department staff.