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GoH-Authors Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Sharon Lee
Sharon Lee has been married to her first husband for more than half her lifetime; she is a friend to cats, caretakes an improbable number of stuffed animals, and is a member of the National Carousel Association.
With the aforementioned first husband, Steve Miller, Sharon has written 25 novels of science fiction and fantasy—21 set in the Liaden Universe®. May 2017 saw the publication of Liaden novel number 20, The Gathering Edge; Neogenesis, number 21, was published in January 2018.
Sharon (with husband, cats, and stuffies) has been living in Maine for 29 years, which has been plenty of time for her to write five novels set there. Contemporary fantasy trilogy Carousel Ties, Carousel Sun, Carousel Seas are set in a fading resort town on the seacoast, while mysteries Barnburner and Gunshy take place in Central Maine.
Sharon attended her first SF convention in 1976 as Guest of BaltiCon10 for winning the con’s short story contest; one of her prizes was an introduction to Isaac Asimov.


Steve Miller
Adopted Mainer Steve Miller is a lapsed journalist, book and newspaper publisher, con-running fan, and librarian who writes SF professionally, mostly in the bestselling Liaden Universe® shared with Sharon Lee. He survived Clarion West in 1973, is a life member of SFWA, and has participated in hundreds of SF conventions as a fan, SF library curator, art agent, and pro author.

Steve’s first SFWA qualifying story appeared in Ted White’s Amazing in the 1970s. He was Vice Chair of the Baltimore in 80 WorldCon bid and editor of the SF tabloid Star Swarm News. When the News folded, Steve and partner Sharon Lee started Bookcastle & Dreamsgarth, Inc., a genre bookstore with a traveling SF art agency component. A few years later Lee & Miller sold Agent of Change, their first novel, and moved to Maine, where they became ebook and online publishing pioneers.

With Sharon he has more than twenty five novels of SF and fantasy to his name, and dozens of shorter works, garnering a number of awards as well as dozens of invitations as Guests of Honor, Special Guests, and panelists at science fiction conventions across the U.S. and Canada.
Steve and Sharon are currently working on a multi-book contract for Baen. Their most recent novel offering is The Gathering Edge, out in May of 2017, with Neogenesis due in January of 2018 in hardback, audio, and ebook formats.