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Library Bards

Library Bards

The Library Bards
“The Library Bards are a nerd parody band consisting of Bonnie Gordon (ABC’s The Quest, Street Fighter V) and Xander Jeanneret (TBS’ King of the Nerds). They take Top 40 hits and transform them into the nerdy versions they should have been in the first place! With their catchy tunes and nerdy lyrics, the @LibraryBards will be bringing you into the #BardLife in no time!”

Bonnie Gordon
Although recently seen in many screen projects and web series, Bonnie is most recognized for her time on ABC’s inventively fun fantasy/reality show, The Quest, and from the upcoming Geek and Sundry Alpha show “Shield of Tomorrow”

If her face doesn’t seem familiar to you, perhaps her voice will… From video games to anime, some voiceover credits include Street Fighter V (Rainbow Mika), Fire Emblem: Echoes (Silque, End Credits Song), Ikki Tousen (Soujin); Akiba’s Trip; Guided Fate Paradox (Frunetti/Misery); Demon Gaze for PSVita (Comit/Chronos/Pluto) and some upcoming voices on Cartoon Network!

Bonnie’s most recent project is a collaboration with best friend Xander Jeanneret (from TBS’s King of the Nerds) called The Library Bards! – a nerd parody band that takes top 40 hits and transforms them into nerdy, geektastic tunes.

Her future plans include living off of cheese plates and world domination. You can find her on Twitter and IG at @BonnieBellG Library Bards – @librarybards

Xander Jeanneret
Xander Jeanneret is an actor, voice over artist, and reality personality living in Hollywood, CA. A fan favorite finalist on the popular TBS show, King of the Nerds (Season 2), Xander has also provided the voice of the “Announcer” on the hit indie fighting game Divekick and the voice of Zampa in the MMORPG Dragon Nest. Most recently, Xander has been traveling the US with his parody band The Library Bards, a collaboration with Bonnie Gordon (ABC’s The Quest, Street Fighter V). Fluent in Japanese, and a member of the LGBTQ Community, Xander brings his flair and unique perspective to events around the world. You can find him on Twitter at @Xanderrific and The Library Bards at www.librarybards.com!