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Rivermont Hotel (On Riverside Dr. (Well,Almost)

24-27 May 1979

Attendance – 375


Pro Guest – L. Sprague And Catherine De Camp

Artist Guest – Kelly Freas

Master Of Ceremonies – Gerald R. Page

Fan Guest Of Honor – Alonzo P.Atkins

Other Guests

Theodore Sturgeon Meade Frierson Iii

Hank Reinhardt. Grant Carrington

Robert Asprin Peter Pautz

Dan Henderson Sharon Webb

(Nancy A. Collins Also Attended Although She Was Not A Published

Author Until Later)


Tom Johnson, Louis Armour (Chairs)

Others- Pam Armour, P.L. Caruthers, Greg Bridges, Claude Saxon, Mr.

& Mrs. Norman A.Wilcox, Ken & Lou Moore, Kay Johnson, Lois Taylor,

Deborah Claypool, Irvin Koch, Frank Jordan, Dal Coger