Memphis Fandom got restarted in 1970 (after a brief small group here in the early 1940’s was dissolved upon being Drafted for WWII) with the formation of the Mid-South Fantasy Association (MSFA). In the late 70s we decided to put on a relaxicon, and after its success, decided to start putting on a yearly Science Fiction Convention. Several different names were used, before choosing Mid-SouthCon as the permanent name for the convention, and it was decided that we would start the numbering of our MidSouthCon at 2 since the name had been used before: MidSouthCon 1 was held in Huntsville June 20-22, 1980 (when MidSouthCon 1‘s Chairbe-ing Andy Purcell gafiated, we asked his permission to use the name), and the very first DeepSouthCon back in 1963 was also named MidSouthCon.