MidSouthCon 32 Wrap Up

I would like to thank everyone for a wonderful MidSouthCon 32 - the staff and volunteers who worked long hours to make sure you had fun; our panelists, GMs, dealers, artists and Guests of Honor who provided the content; and most of all you, the members who attend - some for the first time, some for years and years. You make this community and this convention great, and I thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart.

We are going offline for a few weeks while we rest and recuperate, but keep checking back for the launch of the MidSouthCon 33 website. Or, visit us on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/midsouthcon or follow us on twitter as @midsouthcon.

This year’s Darrell Award winners can be found at the official Darrell Award website, http://www.DarrellAwards.org

For those interested, here are some links to some photos and other media from MidSouthCon 32:

Photo Gallery from Grav Weldon, MidSouthCon 32 Official Photographer

Timid Monster Photo Booth Gallery

Memphis Flyer Slideshow

See you in a few weeks - we have a GREAT lineup already, and we’re not done yet!

Danny Chamberlin

Co-Chairman, MidSouthCon