Panelist Application

We appreciate your interest in attending MidSouthCon as a professional guest. Please complete the application below for consideration. This form is an application for Professional Guest status for MidSouthCon 35 only. Completion of this form does not guarantee we will be able to fit you into our programming schedule. All guest applications will be reviewed and you will be notified by a member of the programming staff as to your status for MidSouthCon 35.

If you are approved to be a panelist for MidSouthCon 35, and you have requested Pro Row below, we will schedule you 1 hour as part of your programming. There may be additional time slots available at the convention. No guarantees are made in regard to space availability on Pro Row beyond the aforementioned 1 hour.

Application Deadline: December 31, 2016. No Guest Applications will be accepted after this date for MidSouthCon 35. We encourage you to apply early, because as we get closer to the show there will be fewer guest slots available.

If you are part of a group act, each individual member must fill out a separate application. 

If your application is approved, this form doubles as your convention registration - you do not need to fill out the regular convention registration form. 

NOTE: Dealer Room space, ConSuite Giveaway and Banquet Tickets are NOT included. If you desire Dealer Room space, click on the "Dealer Room Application" from the menu on the left.  If you wish add ConSuite Giveaway or Banquet Ticket(s) after your application has been accepted, please contact and we will provide you with a link to purchase those.