Tim Brown

Tim Brown wears way too many hats for his own good: Web Developer, Videographer, Video Editor, Recovering Costumer, Husband, Father, and Jedi Bartender are a few of his roles in his wacky little world. Tim founded the Superman Celebration Film Festival in 2007 and has served as its director ever since. Tim also serves as the webmaster for Superman Celebration and the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolis, IL.

Siri Eroom

Siri Eroom is an avid anime, comic, and science fiction fan. She has had the pleasure of being a recurring panelist at several conventions and thoroughly enjoys the geeky discussions and exchanges. In her spare time, she enjoys, writing, playing video games, working on cosplays, and watching anime.

Sid Reese

Stare into the Abyss long enough and it will stare back. Professor Sid looked especially too long and brought a gaggle of galorping monstrosities back with him.

Join a Master of Macabre in letting loose his newest creations upon the Art Gallery. If you’re lucky, you can delve with him in subjects of the Dark on future panels to be named.

Be warned… NSFW!

Scott Sumers

Scott is a performer with a love for entertaining others in many forms of media. As a writer, actor and comedian, he has sought out various avenues to express his talents. Scott is a father of three with an extensive knowledge of the occult arts and obscure movie trivia. His hobbies include gaming, comics, music and theater. For the past five years he has performed regularly with the Memphis Rocky Horror Shadowcast, Absent Friends.

Michael Entman

Michael Entman is a deep, dark mystery wrapped in an enigma, and smothered in a savory sauce of confusion. He has been involved in Memphis theater for over two decades and it has always been a dream of his to bring the Rocky Horror Picture Show back to Memphis audiences. Thanks to the wonderful management of the Evergreen Theater and a wonderful cast and crew, his dream has come true. Michael also produced, directed, and hosted Memphis’ longest running improv comedy show, FreakEngine.

Mark Berry

Growing up amid Ray Harryhausen matinees and Land of the Lost on TV, it’s no surprise that Mark F. Berry became a writer on genre films – specializing in dinosaur stuff. Mark’s articles on fantastic classics have enlivened Video Watchdog, Little Shoppe of Horrors, Filmfax, Monsters from the Vault and more, but his magnum opus is undoubtedly The Dinosaur Filmography, an exhaustive and critically-acclaimed history of dino-cinema – now destined for a fully revised and updated 2nd Edition coming next year! Berry‘s recent magazine work has tended toward exclusive interview features, including Dr. Strangelove/Dr. Who/Thunderbirds vet Shane Rimmer, the first-ever all-Star-Trek interview with Laurel Goodwin (yes, “Yeoman Colt” in the original pilot “The Cage”), and the lovely lady of The Land That Time Forgot, Susan Penhaligon. And Mark just made his on-screen debut in the wonderful documentary, KONG: Long Live the King!

Lara Johnson

Lara Johnson is a local filmmaker currently finishing up her senior year at Rhodes College. In 2014 she made this documentary “Geekland: Fan Culture in Memphis” which highlighted different geek organizations throughout the city. Since then she has dived head first into geek culture here and has worked closely with Memphis Comic and Fantasy and specifically their project Geek 101.


Kirsten has been taking classes instructed by the talented Amber Lea for over a year now. She now focuses mainly on Tahitian/Polynesian dance but also enjoy bellydance.

John Pyka

Most well known as the character Big Daddy Cool” Johnny Dellarocca, John B. Pyka is a lifelong comic reader and collector, a Star Wars “freakasaurus”, Pro Wrestling fan, and Movie fanatic. He is best known for his work onstage as a new vintage variety artist, fusing music and magic with comedy and dance in a 1920s – 1940s style in what is described as “Dieselpunk.” He can be seen performing as “Big Daddy Cool” in theaters, at festivals and cons around the country.

John is also the author of 4 books on magic and his first novel, Tales From The Flip-Side is published by Pro Se Press. He is the producer and host of the Diesel Powered Podcast, THE Dieselpunk podcast on iTunes,which consistently is ranked in the top 10 performing arts podcasts. He was seen as the host of 117 consecutive weekly episodes of Comics Price Guide’s Tales From The Geek, and can now be seen as the host of the weekly live stream Comixstravaganza Live, presented by Graphic Policy.com!

John Beifuss

Longtime journalist John Beifuss is the movie reviewer at The Commercial Appeal, the daily newspaper in Memphis. An authority on horror and science-fiction films, he has written for the New York Times, TV Guide and, most important, Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine.